From its earliest days, the Christian movement was concerned not just about its own members. Instead, the followers of Jesus were commanded to bear witness to Jesus in tangible ways, from their own backyards to the farthest reaches of the earth (Acts 1:8). For us, local and global outreach is not “extra credit” Christianity; rather, this outreach is the heart of our faith. Sharing the Good News of God might be done with words, deeds, or simply our presence—or even a combination of all three! God invites us to partner with him in his mission to restore the brokenness of our world, and he accomplishes it by the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through us.


We want to send people to and support projects where the Church is not visible or viable, including areas where there is little to no access to the good news of Jesus, and places where the Church is under attack.

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Tillie Tiller – Chad

The Nyugen Family: Brazil

Multiple partners active in this region. Names withheld for security.

Thellman Family – Croatia

DeZwaan Family – India

Whitaker Family – Cambodia

Festen Family – Central African Republic, Bible translation into Mpyemo

Devon – Middle East

Recife, Brazil

Diocesan Partner

Jos, Nigeria

Diocesan Partner


Diocesan Partner

Thinking of going overseas?

The process of deciding to go overseas as a missionary is long one, and can be confusing. If you are a part of the Resurrection family, and considering vocational missions, we want to partner with you in your discernment process. To get started, complete the online questionnaire and Fr. Matt will follow up with you! 


Want to welcome the Vargas family? We need household items to fill their new home. Shop from their registry today, and either drop off items on Sunday morning, or have them shipped to the church.


Advent Gift (December)

Sebastian, Daniela, Amalia, Mateo, and Marina

In 2014, Resurrection began a generosity tradition of collecting items during the Advent season to benefit local mission ministries. This year, we’re stocking an apartment for the Vargas family, who are moving to the U.S. from Chile to join the Greenhouse Movement. They will pastor Iglesia De La Resurrección and aim to reach the local Latino community in DuPage county.

Learn more.

Good Friday Gift (March)

Since 2002, Resurrection has collected a special yearly offering during the season of Lent as a response to God’s sacrificial love for us in Christ. This gift to one of our global mission partners serves to embody the love of Jesus and further his mission around the world.



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