COVID-19 Response

Updated 10:00 PM – 3/19/2020

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Cancellations and Closures (3/19/20): 

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As you stock resources, consider your neighbors and how you might share with those around you. Remember and pray for the marginalized, including the elderly who are most at risk from the disease, low-wage earners who cannot afford to be out of work, and nearby minority communities who often rely on public schools for childcare and breakfasts and lunches for their children. Ask the Lord for opportunities to give generously.

We can also pray for the eradication of the coronavirus and for a freedom from fear in the Church and in our communities. To that end, we are calling Resurrection to a 46 for 46 prayer challenge. For the next 46 days (until the end of April), pray Psalm 46 with your household each day. You can also listen together to Bp. Stewart’s sermon on Psalm 46 from this past summer.

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A Pastoral Response To Coronavirus