Our Staff

Father Steve Williamson

My story with Jesus and his church
God gave me the gift of an incredibly loving Christian family. Our lives centered around the Church, as both of my parents were actively involved in ministry. My faith was also formed within the vibrant church community where I was raised and baptized. Looking back, I see that I took this for granted. It was not until my college years that I truly stepped into the process of claiming this faith heritage and my baptism as my own.

My adult years have been marked by small signs and wonders of the Lord’s loving provision and mercy, as well as his constant pursuit of me through both fruitful and dry seasons. Jesus has become for me a model of the life I want to live, as well as my friend, my savior, and my Lord. He has blessed me with an amazing wife who has walked a road of transformation alongside me, as we have sought to continue the heritage of faith we were given from our families. He has given me his Holy Spirit and his Word to challenge, encourage and convict me to continue to seek first the kingdom of God. And he has given me Church of the Resurrection, where I have found healing, transformation, spiritual fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters; as well as a place to raise my children in the Lord and to give my life for the sake of a revival of Word and Sacrament infused by the Holy Spirit.

How I serve at Resurrection
As Senior Executive Pastor, I lead our staff team and I work with Bishop Stewart to provide vision for Resurrection and her ministries. My prayer is that, at Resurrection, you will experience the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ and new purpose in the life of his Church.