Holy Week

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April 5-12, 2020

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April 12 7:00am

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at noon on easter day,

Raise a Hallelujah

join with believers across our diocese to celebrate the resurrection of jesus with one minute of joy!

This Easter we remember the hope of Jesus’ resurrection and victory over death in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As churches are unable to gather in person, let’s raise a hallelujah on our front porches to bring the hope of Jesus to our neighborhoods.

At noon on Easter Sunday, April 12, gather with everyone in your household outside your home and shout “Alleluia! Christ is Risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia! Alleluia!” Ring bells, make a joyful noise, and celebrate for 60 seconds! Post a picture or video of your celebration with #RaiseAHallelujah and #RaiseAHallelujahRez



Home Checklist

Staying home for part or all of Holy Week? Here’s how you can follow along within your home throughout the week!


At-Home Service Guide

In this guide, we have adapted the traditional Holy Week liturgies for worship at home so you can follow along with the livestream. Certain liturgical actions—such as foot washing, candle lighting, prayer at the cross, and more—will be prompted from the livestream, but take place within your group. 

Download the entire packet here, or pick it up from the east vestibule of the church (9am–5pm, 4/3–4/11). If you choose to pick it up, please wait your turn in your car and then follow the posted safety instructions. 

Prayer Walk Guide

While we are sheltering at home, we want to take every opportunity to pray for our communities and spend time in God’s creation. Father Matt wrote this simple guide to taking a Prayer Walk in your neighborhood every day in Holy Week. The guide includes a Stations of the Cross prayer walk on Good Friday.

Print this guide to use with your family or friendship group during each of the days in Holy Week. 


For Kids

We are providing coloring sheets and story summaries for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

Download them all to print out here, or follow along on each of the service pages.

Make a cross

If you have a cross in your home that is meaningful to you, use that. Use a cross that is simple (not too ornamental or decorative), as large as possible, and that helps you connect to the actual cross of Jesus.

If you don’t have one, this is a great time to get one or make one to have in your living room throughout Holy Week. You could make one out of wood with instructions like this, or a simpler one like this one, cut one out of paper or cardboard and attach to your wall, or gather branches from your yard to tie together into a cross.

On Maundy Thursday cover it with dark fabric, on Good Friday lay it on the ground, and on Easter Sunday put some flowers on it!


Light a large candle at the beginning of each service

Draw the Passion story in chalk on your sidewalk

Use our Prayer Walk Guide throughout your neighborhood, praying for the light of Jesus to shine.

During the day on Holy Saturday, tell your baptism stories as we get ready to remember and renew our baptisms on Easter Sunday. 

Wear dark clothes on Good Friday and wear something special on Easter

Read through the Vigil stories throughout the week, or dress up and act out one of the Vigil stories

Fast on Good Friday from food or from something else to spend time in prayer and silence (Check out these fasting resources from Father Aaron Damiani)

Wake up before sunrise on Easter morning and find somewhere to watch the sunrise, remembering that the light of Christ has dawned upon us (Isaiah 60).

Get flowers that you can bring out on Easter morning

Have a special meal on Easter Sunday

Take a family photo to post on your social media with an Easter note to your friends and neighbors

Make a video or write your testimony and baptism story and send it to others or post on social media.


Use #holyweek to show us how you’re celebrating!

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Check out our community board to see how everyone is celebrating

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