Our Staff

Will Chester

The turning point in my spiritual journey occurred at a Christian summer camp when I was twelve. I remember looking at the stars on the last night of camp and having the sense that God was much bigger than I thought he was and that he was saying, You can know me if you want to. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I prayed that I did want to know him and felt like maybe a door was opening in my life.
Shortly after, I began attending youth group at a local church because I’d heard it was a good time and I wanted to learn more about the God I experienced at camp. Over the next six years, I was discipled by loving, patient, and joyful adult volunteers who gave their time week in and week out. I made lifelong friendships with boys who later stood at my wedding, began understanding and using my spiritual gifts, and experienced a call to vocational ministry.

From there, I attended Wheaton College and eventually Church of the Resurrection, where I was introduced to a sacramental worldview and appreciation for the ancient church.

My work in youth ministry is informed by six summers in camp ministry, two years of teaching, and by graduate studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. My hope for RezYouth is to partner with parents by providing something of what I experienced in my young adult life: meaningful relationships with mentors and peers, opportunities to grow in my gifts, and a place to learn from Scripture about the One who loves us and gave himself for us.