Our Staff

Madeleine Ruch

I was born into a vibrant Christian family who introduced me to Jesus and his Church from the time I was born. My love for Jesus has developed more every year, and my love for his Church has grown simultaneously. I was baptized, confirmed, and raised in the rhythms of the church year. My spiritual journey has been a slow progression of going deeper in my relationship with the Lord, one layer of sanctification at a time. I have slowly discovered pride and perfectionism to be more rampant in my life than I ever knew, and every year my desperation for the closeness of Jesus in my life has increased. I have found this closeness with God in the Church more than any other place–in worship, Scripture, prayer, and the Sacraments. It is by being involved in the life of the Church that the Lord has taught me to look outside of myself and grow in an outward focus through freedom in the Lord.

As a Ministry Resident, I will be working in various ministries in the Church to gain ministry experience. I recently graduated from Wheaton College where I studied Literature and Music. Now I want to continue my education by seeking out the resources and experiences the Church alone can provide through ministry apprenticeship, service, and Gregory House theological seminars and teachings. This part-time ministry residency also serves to equip me for my call to overseas missions work and is the first step in discerning where the Lord is calling me to work long-term.