Our Staff

Lydia Vermeesch

Sometimes, Jesus reveals Himself in startling, dramatic ways. For me, though, Jesus has often spoken gently, beckoning me into relationship with Him in simple ways.

I grew up in a Christian home, where I learned about Jesus’s death and resurrection and accepted Him as my Lord. Since then, He has gently invited me to open every aspect of my heart and life to His transforming power. I didn’t realize, when I first accepted salvation, that Jesus’s work on the cross had such far-reaching effects. As Jesus has lovingly invited me to submit my desires, goals, work, relationships, and art to Him, though, I have discovered that Jesus came not only to save my soul, but to transform my life. As I gradually learn to submit every corner of my life to His saving power, I am realizing that Jesus can give me hope for every aspect of my life. And not only for my life, but for the entire world! When Jesus died and rose again, He brought life not only to human souls, but to nature, culture, art, politics… everything!

When I make music, I sense Jesus’s saving power profoundly. When I experience a rich harmony, I sink more deeply into Jesus’s love, and when I hear a sweeping melody, I glimpse Heaven for just a moment. I love exploring Jesus’s beauty and love through music, and I am especially happy when I can lead others into musical worship.

As the Worship Manager, I provide musical leadership and administrative support to the Worship team. It is my prayer that our musical worship at Resurrection will draw this church into the presence of Jesus by revealing His beauty and saving power.