Our Staff

Christina Prechter

I was baptized as an infant at Resurrection, and when I look back on my life, I can see that my baptism was God making his claim on me. I love him because he loved me first. My parents gave me the gift of raising me to know Jesus and his church. When I was one, our family moved to Central African Republic where my parents worked in Bible translation. We lived in a remote village, and though I loved the life there, at a very young age I began to be deeply disturbed to the point of depression about the suffering and poverty I saw all around me. After a season of a lot of tears, my parents led me to commit my life to Jesus, and in doing so my sense of instability was replaced by an assurance that Jesus would never change, and the day would come when he would restore the world.
In high school, I was surrounded by peers who were actively living their relationship with Jesus, and this drove me to deepen my commitment to him. But at the end of high school war broke out in Central African Republic, and I was overwhelmed with questions about why God would allow such horrific things to happen to people I loved in the country I called home. It was like the instability I had felt as a child seeing suffering all returned to me in stronger force. My years of college, back in the US attending Rez, were marked by a tense relationship with God. And here I can return to the fact that I love the Lord today because he loved me first and did not let go of me. I felt alienated from God, suspicious of him, not sure if he really had good in mind for me or for the world. It is a long story, but the Lord has remained faithful to me even when I had no trust in him, and in the last year and a half he has been restoring my vision of who he is. There is truly no wickedness in him. He is always good, selflessly faithful, totally and completely for us, totally worthy of our trust.

As Discipleship Manager, I assist the Adult Discipleship Pastor by overseeing the administrative side of adult discipleship-ministries like RezGroups, Confirmation, Men’s and Women’s Retreats and the Belong Pathway to help new attenders get connected and involved. I hope and pray that Resurrection be a family of people who spur each other on to know and love Jesus.