Our Staff

Christiana Ostoich

I grew up surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. From giants of the faith like Elisabeth Elliot and Warren Wiersbe to the small-but-mighty, like Mrs. Frickel and Mrs. Rudell, I had flesh-and-blood testimonies of the Lord’s power and faithfulness on all sides. A former missionary, my mother taught Sunday school, VBS, Good News Clubs, and anything else that needed a teacher. My father spent his days practicing law but his evenings and weekends as organist and elder in our church.
Throughout my childhood and youth, I looked just like a good Christian should: I memorized Scripture, had perfect Sunday School attendance, and knew all the right answers. My relationship with Jesus was real, but I leaned just as heavily on my own achievements. When I came to Wheaton College to study music, God shattered the structure I’d built by giving me deep, dear friends I simply couldn’t outshine and drawing me close to himself.

Much of that closeness grew out of seeds planted at Resurrection. Here, I encountered Jesus personally and began simply to receive God’s love. As I learned more of God’s true character, I also grew to love his Church. In the church, I found the living, breathing body of Christ. Rather than a nice activity, church became restoration and nourishment for my soul.

I joined Resurrection’s staff in 2014 and have held a variety of roles within worship and the arts. My husband, Josiah, and I met when we were both church interns, and we have so richly received the Lord’s presence and provision through our Resurrection family. Time and again, they have enveloped us and built our faith through their own testimonies of God’s steadfast love. We pray to see Resurrection grow as a place where the Holy Spirit heals and restores fragmented lives.