A sanctuary where kids encounter Jesus

Starting October 4th, we will be opening RezKids for elementary-aged children (1st-5th grade) on Sunday morning. Please note, there will be no RezKids on Sunday, December 27.

Morning Overview

If your child is attending RezKids, please check them in at the RezKids welcome table (located just inside the entrace) when you arrive.

Children will begin the service with their parents and will be released to join their shepherd by the font after the first song.

Children will follow their shepherd to the RezKids Elementary classroom for a time of worship, teaching, and discussion, and will return to their parents during the announcements.

Safety Measures

Attendance will be capped at 20 children per service.

RezKids volunteers will be subject to the same safety requirements as other service team members, which include temperature check, hand-washing, and masks.

Children will be subject to the same requirements as their parents when entering the building (temperature checks, masks required, etc). Children must keep their masks on at all times.

Children will not be permitted to leave the RezKids room unless escorted by a RezKids leader.

Individual tables in the RezKids room will be set up 6 feet apart. Students may not sit together unless they are in the same family.

When we have an activity, each student will have their own set of supplies. These supplies will not be shared with other students.

Shepherds will wipe down the sink and toilet handles before a child uses the bathroom in the Elementary room.

RezKids team will sanitize classroom surfaces after children are released to their parents.


We look forward to opening Sunday morning ministry to younger children once we are confident that we can offer a safe worship experience both for them and our volunteers. In the meantime, we’ve decided to prioritize Elementary RezKids for a few reasons:

    • As we’ve talked with parents, we’ve gotten a sense that our older children are experiencing this separation from their friends and from the church in a more acute way. We see this as an opportunity to meet their growing spiritual hunger and help them engage in age-appropriate teaching and worship. 
    • From a logistical standpoint, we are having to think about how to maximize the ministries we can offer with a smaller, more variable volunteer team. Older children require a lower volunteer-child ratio and are generally more capable of following health and safety practices.
    • Our survey to the congregation indicated that parents of older children were more likely to send their children to RezKids at this time.

Though there are some similarities between RezKids and a school classroom, our schools are dealing with questions beyond simple health and safety concerns. These include things like vulnerable teachers who cannot safely return to work or concerns about equity between online and virtual offerings. Given our smaller numbers, voluntary leaders, and close proximity to parents, we believe that we can offer a worship environment that is safe for everyone involved.

Yes, our online resources will continue to be the core of Sunday morning RezKids as long as a significant portion of our congregation is unable to meet in-person.

You will have an opportunity to sign your children up to attend at the same time you sign up to attend a service.

We love our children with special needs, and we want to do whatever we can to enable them to participate. Parents of children with special needs are encouraged to work with our Special Needs Coordinator Fr. Steve Lake ( to determine how we might be able to equip their child to engage with RezKids.


If you are interested in baptizing your child once our schedule resumes, please contact Pastor Kevin below.


We welcome infants and children who will be raised by families of faith into the church through the sacrament of baptism.

Traditionally, we baptize on four days: Easter (Spring), Pentecost (Summer), All Saints (Fall), and Baptism of Our Lord (Winter). Due to COVID precautions, we will be scheduling  a special baptism service on January 10, 2021. All families who wish to baptize their child(ren) are asked to complete an application. 

If you have questions or want to learn more, please contact Children’s Pastor Kevin Sheehan at