Church of the Resurrection


A RezGroup is a community of 8-12 people who meet regularly to grow in faith, relationship, and personal mission. It is one of the key ways to connect and belong here at Resurrection! 

RezGroups run from September–June, with a break during the summer. RezGroups will begin meeting during the week of September 9 for the 2018-19 ministry year.

The next All Church Sign Up for our RezGroups will be happening in January 2019 during our RezConnect Sundays on 01/6 and 01/13. Our team will work hard to place all interested persons in an existing or new RezGroup! 

New? Consider coming to First Step, a three-week course for newcomers and those looking to go deeper.


Do you have questions about RezGroups, or are you interested in potentially leading a RezGroup?  Contact Fr. Brett at

Brett Crull
Adult Formation Pastor

Childcare Reimbursement Form

The expense of childcare can create a barrier for families who want to be involved in a RezGroup. To help lessen this burden, we are now offering Childcare Reimbursement designed to offset much of the cost of childcare for families. We have a limited budget that is available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Families: If you hire a childcare worker in order to attend a Church of the Resurrection event, please fill out the individual childcare reimbursement form:

Groups: If you are a group leader or childcare coordinator for a RezGroup, please fill out the group childcare reimbursement form: