Gather & Watch


We encourage you to gather your household or friendship group together on Sunday morning for a time of worship and prayer. We are also excited to announce that our livestream service will be a complete Sunday morning service, including music, liturgy, readings, a sermon, and the celebration of Holy Communion!


Replay Bishop Stewart’s message on Psalm 46. Please join us live on Sundays at 10am. 

Replay Sunday March 15th, 2020:


We still want all who desire it and are able to have access to Holy Communion on Sunday. Bishop Stewart will be consecrating Eucharist in one kind (just the bread), and we welcome you to come to one of the following four locations between 12pm and 2pm to receive Holy Communion from one of our priests:

Eucharist will be served outside these homes. You and your household or friendship group can simply come and receive communion any time in those two hours.