Church of the Resurrection

Event Detail

June 24

To many of us the Old Testament is confusing.  Bible Trek will provide the narrative order and the meaningful connections with history, geography, family relationships and politics that will open God's Word to you in a whole new way...

Who? Janet Williamson, our beloved Executive Pastor Steve’s mother, is a dynamic and knowledgeable Bible teacher. She has created a 4-day summer class for our middle schoolers to pick up where we left off last summer...

What?  This 4-day class will examine the following topics:

  • The kingdoms of Israel and Judah 
  • The invasion of Assyria in the Northern Kingdom 
  • The exile of the southern kingdom to Babylon
  • The return of God's people to Jerusalem 
  • Stories of Old Testament kings and queens and the prophets of their times

When? June 24-June 27, 9AM-12PM

Cost: $30 per student, with an additional $10 for a second student

Students should bring their own Bibles. There will be a mid-morning break for games, and snacks will also be provided!

Learn to love and understand the Old Testament as it all coheres and comes alive!

"Our girls were challenged, enlightened and encouraged to trust the Bible as God’s true word as they studied the many-layered meanings of specific people and events in history. Janet’s knowledge and love of the Bible, as well as her awe of God’s care in the details, kept everyone engaged for hours each morning."

- Mindy Popp