Church of the Resurrection


Ministry: RezWomen

Urgent Need for Meals

September 23, 2015

Help newcomers with newborns feel welcome and connected by providing a meal. There is an urgent need for more meal makers to prepare (or purchase) and deliver meals during the first few weeks after a baby is born. Anyone able to help should contact Gabi Reczek,

Formation Stories

February 18, 2015

RezMen Retreat

In November, over 50 men participated in the RezMen retreat at Camp Mennohaven. Tom VanderWeele shared his experience with RezMen leader, Nate Iseman, after the retreat. “The retreat was a game changer!" Tom said. “Because I'm newer at Rez, I had expected to stay on the sidelines, but that did not happen. It was a safe environment. I enjoyed the small group of men in my age bracket and discovered many struggles in common."

Tom went to the retreat with his son, Mike. Tom enjoyed the opportunity to meet younger guys through him and to see his son get more connected. “Since the retreat, my accountability partner and I have been following up. We are both making progress toward our goals! Now the Sunday worship services have changed for me, after experiencing true fellowship at the retreat."

The Gathering

On Thursday mornings at Resurrection, women from all parts and seasons of life join together for simple and creative fellowship time. “The Gathering is a place for women to come as they are and receive truth and encounter the Holy Spirit in community," says Jeannie Iseman, who has been co-leading the group with Margie Fawcett since The Gathering began. While some days might center on a talk and discussion and others will feature creative outlets, prayer and community can always be found. For women at Resurrection, The Gathering provides a space for safety and hospitality regardless of the amount of structure or transition in each season.


Walk into Church of the Resurrection on any given Sunday and one thing you can expect to find are children, and lots of them—on average, 253 children to be exact. RezKids ministers to children up to 5th grade by providing an opportunity to experience Jesus, intentional mentorship, and participation in the life of the whole church. RezKids Director Sarah Graham says that this ministry meets kids where they are in large part because of the dedicated Shepherds (class leaders) and a variety of other teams.

“RezKids is not just crowd control," says Sarah. “Our 70 Sunday morning team members have been able to maintain relationship with the kids and foster a worshipful atmosphere." This has been especially important during a year of Sabbath, where RezKids has


One family shared at a parents meeting that a major reason they chose to become members at All Saints' this year had to do with their daughter's connection to Rez. The 6th grade girls of RezYouth were welcoming and included their daughter during Wednesday activities, and faithfully connected with her during the “Passing of the Peace" on Sunday mornings. Lane Young, our RezYouth Pastor says, “During this year of Sabbath, students have focused on forming a welcoming space for new families and new students." One family has brought three new students this fall, always reserving an “open seat" in the van for a friend.

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