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Replanted Childcare

March 15, 2017

Replanted provides rejuvenating and life-giving support groups for adoptive and foster families and we need your help to wrap up the ministry year! Would you consider providing childcare for a group on May 18, 19, or 20 for 2 hours in the evening? If so, please email Hollee Stubenrauch at

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Replanted Grows in 2015

February 09, 2015

Church of the Resurrection's Replanted ministry focuses on walking beside families who have or are considering adoption or foster care. This year, the ministry, led by Resurrection member Jenn Ranter, provided 3 family fun events and launched the 1st annual regional Orphan Care Saturday Conference, involving 12 expert speakers and over 100 attendees

At the heart of Replanted are its full-time support groups where families that have adopted or fostered or are in the often arduous process can find friendship and support from others with similar experiences. “The most satisfying moments for me, are seeing other adoptive or fostering parents come for the first time and suddenly realize that they are not alone in this," said Scott Roney, who along with his wife Sarah host one of the support groups. “As one woman—a single mother who adopted 2 from Guatemala—shared her story, you could almost see the weight falling from her shoulders as the group listened and encouraged her."

Around 20 people are involved in the two support groups that Replanted started this year. “Knowing that we are prayed for by them, and that we can come together to pray collectively has proven to be very life giving," Sarah shared. “The Replanted support groups have given us monthly hope and encouragement as we labor through another adoption process and learn to live with joy despite our children's needs."

As Jenn thinks back on the ways that God has used and blessed Replanted this year, she cannot help but looking forward to what is in store next. “I'm excited about how God is stirring our church and other churches in our community to care for vulnerable children—orphans and those who need foster care," said Jenn. Five other families in our community are now praying about adopting or fostering children.

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