Church of the Resurrection

Sanctity of Life

As a church, we focus on the cause of the unborn in mid-January through a dedicated sermon, and by participating in the March for Life in Chicago (January 14, 2018). 

Several of our leaders and members attend the March for Life in Washington D.C. and the Anglicans for Life annual summit each year. You can watch the 2018 summit seminars and testimonies here, including Resurrection member Mark DiGiacoma's seminar here.

During the summer we distribute and fill baby bottles with change. All proceeds go to support our local Carenet crisis pregnancy center.

Matt Woodley
Mission Pastor, Deacon
Here are some of the organizations we partner with:

Forming a network of support around a woman and her baby, so that her quality of life will be enhanced and her spiritual life may be further developed.

  • Lead or join a Connections group: help orchestrate a group of 5-10 women interested in supporting an expectant mother and her baby.
  • Host a baby shower for a Connections mom and her baby.
  • Volunteer: view a current list of volunteer needs on Care Net's website
  • Pray: join us in prayer for the unborn, their mothers, and lives affected by abortion every Saturday morning 8-9 am in front of Aanchor abortion clinic in Glen Ellyn


Supporting those who have been affected by the realities of a past abortion, this confidential ministry serves men and women looking for hope and wholeness.

For more information visit

  • Connect: if you would like to talk with someone from Resurrection who knows firsthand the suffering caused by abortion, contact Nancy.

Nancy Kreuzer
Restore Small Group Leader



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