Church of the Resurrection

Advent Gift

Church of the Resurrection has chosen the season of Advent to give our time and our resources to one of our local mission ministries. Just as God reached down to love us in this season, we want to reach out to love others.

This Advent, we are reaching out to vulnerable children and those who care for them by focusing on our Replanted ministry. Here's how you can participate:

1. Fill a basket with love

We are building gift baskets for 64 adoptive and foster families who participate in Replanted Support Groups based on the needs each family. Contribute items from our online registry below. 

You can also purchase a gift card for a local restaurant, movie theater, or other date venue, to bless these parents with a night out. Just bring the gift card to the church!

2. Babysit our kiddos

Volunteer to babysit these children at Self-Care Nights hosted at Resurrection, allowing parents to have a night off! Training will be provided. (By signing up, you are expressing interest—it is not a commitment.)

Why Replanted?

God has called all of us to care for orphans. Not everyone can foster or adopt, but everyone can do something to love these children and those who care for them. 

Replanted supports families who have previously adopted or are interested in adoption, foster care, or becoming a safe family. Caring for children from hard places is challenging, lonely, exhausting—and deeply biblical. The 64 families we are serving this season come from throughout the community to participate in Replanted Support Groups.

Learn more about Replanted by visiting their website.