Church of the Resurrection


A great many men and women at Resurrection will tell you that their journey towards Christ included a season of healing and restoration. Many of us were incredibly broken by sin but experienced the outpouring of God's love in the many gifts of healing given to the Church. We believe that all human persons have experienced some kind of brokenness, and God desires to restore every man and woman to become who God originally intended them to be.

We have created several safe places within the church where healing can happen. We acknowledge that healing can only happen by the forgiveness of sins made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus. We pray that you will be able to find the healing God has waiting for you at Church of the Resurrection.

Val McIntyre
Community Care Pastor



August 19, 2014

Stories of Transformation: Freed from Doubts

Until a couple years ago, I had a sturdy belief in Jesus as my savior, because I hadn’t been given a...

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