Church of the Resurrection

Fully Sacramental

Over the next year, we are preaching through what we call "The 5 S's" of our church life. For the next five weeks, we are focusing on one of those 5 S's: Fully Sacramental. Want to learn more about the 5 S's? Listen to Bishop Stewart's sermon overview here. Or learn more about our past Fully Scriptural series here.

Why Fully Sacramental?

God has a beautiful way of drawing us closer to Jesus and his Church—through the Sacraments. Sacraments are a simple and earthy way that God has chosen to help us know him better. He works through the stuff of his own creation to give us concrete and embodied gifts that help us experience the presence of Jesus. 

During this series our Bishop and Canon Theologian will explore four ways that God reaches us with his sacramental presence—the Church, the Eucharist, Baptism and Confirmation. What does the Bible say about a sacramental life? How do we live in reality of God's sacramental gifts? How can we grow deeper in relationship with Jesus through his gifts to the Church? Join us as we explore and grow into these questions.  

Preaching Schedule:

Week 1: Fully Sacramental: The Church  –Cn. Stephen

Week 2: Fully Sacramental: Eucharist  –Cn. Stephen

Week 3: Fully Sacramental: Baptism  –Bp. Stewart

Week 4: Fully Sacramental: Confirmation  –Bp. Stewart