Church of the Resurrection

Free to Sacrifice

For four weeks this fall, we will be studying the book of Philippians. 

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Most people rank Philippians as Paul’s most joyful letter. Indeed, it exudes joy. But we often miss another undercurrent that flows through this letter: Christ’s call to sacrifice. He frees us to live with sacrificial generosity, love, and affection. Christ has called every Christian into a life of often quiet, hidden, but also heroic sacrifice. 

Our ultimate goal for this series is to encounter Jesus so he can free us to live a life of joyful sacrifice (Phil 2:13). Pastor Matt and Bishop Stewart have created series guides to:

1) Provide context for our biblical study 

2) Offer reflection questions to help you personally go deeper after each Sunday

You can download a copy below or pick up a print copy at the RezCenter in the Narthex!