Church of the Resurrection

Event Detail

December 14

The Great Vigil of Easter

Service of Light 7:30pm, Service of Lessons 8pm–6am, Easter Acclamation 6am

This service follows the practice of the ancient church, beginning at sunset and waiting for the appearance of the light of Christ.

Each hour of the night, we hear a Scripture reading, pray, sing, and contemplate as we are led by ten different worship leaders and preachers. In addition to teachings written for each reading, every worship leader has written an original song in response. For Children: All ages welcome. There is no childcare at this service.

7:30: The Service of Light (The Exsultet)

8pm: The Story of Creation
Preacher: Fr. Brett Crull, Worship Leaders: Scott and Marissa Cunningham

9pm: The Fall in the Garden
Preacher: Sarah Graham, Worship Leader: Justin Jacobsen 

10pm: The Flood
Preacher: Barbara Gauthier, Worship Leader: Ty Warner

11pm: Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac
Preacher: Canon Stephen Gauthier, Worship Leader: Christiana Ostoich

12am: Israel's Deliverance at the Red Sea
Preacher: Charlie Rezcek, Worship Leader: Grace Pointner (RezYouth Hour) 

1am: God's Presence in a Renewed Israel

Preacher: Deacon Val McIntrye, Worship Leaders: Ashely Emmert and Robb Robins

2am: Salvation Offered Freely to All
Preacher: John Raines, Worship Leaders: Ruth Mudge and Chris Lapeyre

3am: A New Heart and a New Spirit

Preacher: Kevin Sheehan, Worship Leader: Jeannie Iseman

4am: The Valley of Dry Bones
Preacher: Will Chester, Worship Leader: Steve Williamson

5am: The Gathering of God's People

Preacher: Margie Fawcett, Worship Leader: Charis Buell

The service culminates in the Easter Sunday sunrise service at 6am.