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March 31

The Great Vigil of Easter

Vigil: Service of Light and Lessons 4 & 7pm | Vigil: All-Night 9pm-6am | Vigil: Sunrise Service 6am

This service follows the practice of the ancient church, keeping vigil on the night before Christ’s resurrection. The Great Vigil is in three complete parts that build on each other: 1. Vigil: Light and Lessons 2. Vigil: All-Night and 3. Vigil: Sunrise Service. Read more about these services below. 

4pm or 7pm | Vigil: Light and Lessons 

Our journey begins in candlelight as the ancient Exsultet chant usheres us into the Old Testament story of Salvation History, presented through theater, dance, and music. Childcare for ages 0–5.

9pm–6am | Vigil: All-Night

The evening starts with a quiet candlelight Vigil from 9pm-10pm in the Activity Center (see map below). Then we move into the Sanctuary and the Old Testament story of Salvation History continues as each hour of the night, we hear a Scripture reading, pray, sing, and contemplate as we are led by ten different worship leaders and preachers. In addition to teachings written for each reading, every worship leader has written an original song in response. For Children: All ages welcome. There is no childcare at this service.

(Updated Schedule Forthcoming)

6am | Vigil: Sunrise Service

The Vigil culminates with our sunrise celebration, which includes the Acclamation that Christ is Risen!, the Holy Noise, baptisms, and the first Eucharist of Easter. All ages welcome, no children’s ministry. 

The Great Vigil of Easter Explained (2018) from Church of the Resurrection on Vimeo.