Church of the Resurrection

Event Detail

May 24

You're invited to a free lunch and Upper Midwest Diocesan Gathering on Friday, June 30th to hear from Bishop Stewart and our diocesan leaders about our continuing and expanding vision of planting a Revival of Word and Sacrament.

Because our Diocese is not gathering this year for our annual Revive Conference, this gathering is your chance to hear diocesan updates from Bishop Stewart and other leaders, including the ways that God continues to grow and change our diocesan mission. It's our nuclear diocesan family gathering after the huge Anglican family reunion!

One of the most important elements of this time will be an opportunity to bless and celebrate the ministry of Greenhouse as a Missionary Society.  The full meaning of that will be explained with greater detail at the Gathering.

Please join us from 1-3:30pm at Church of the Resurrection!

If you have any questions about the gathering, please email